2016 Donors



Amount Donated

Jeannette Haines In loving memory of my husband, Dr. Troy R. Haines $100.00
David Weaver In memory of Bert and Lorraine Boyer $50.00
Colleen Collins Paying It Forward $1,000.00
Elaine Eagon In memory of my husband, Paul H. Eagon $100.00
Patrick and Linda Small In memory of Irene and Barney Wilson $100.00
Rodolfo and Arlynn Joaquin Merry Christmas $50.00
Norman and Joy Wideburg In memory of Dean M. Vincent $200.00
Anonymous In memory of Ed Nash $100.00
Anonymous   $600.00
J. D. Pecina In memory of Dick and Roberta Pecina $50.00
Lawrence L. Lingen In memory of Helen Lingen $100.00
Frances L. Ochoa

In memory of Smokey, Reina,
Skipper, and Big Dog

H. Connie Rosseland In memory of Bob and Santa Claus $35.00
Rupert and Nicole Hand   $50.00
Sam and Linda Gallu In memory of our parents and others,
we will always miss you
Marc Berzin In memory of my father, Morris Berzin $100.00
Mary Williams   $25.00
Susan Epker In memory of Bob and Dan Epker.
Two great guys
Philip Smith   $150.00
Nancy Rosing   $100.00
Jim and Nancy Glogovsky In memory of June and Frank Monian $50.00
Betty J., Betty S., Joan D.,
Mary F., and Bev G.
In lieu of gift exchange $250.00
Daryl and Lilian Wright In memory of our beloved Grandson, Little Eddie $100.00
Jerome Merkel   $200.00
Kathy Hansen In memory of Bob Hansen $50.00
Penny Miller
and Richard Hershman
In memory of Roman and Cresy Miller
and John and Bea Hershman
Gary Doolittle   $20.00
"Tuesday Nite Sewing Club"   $50.00
Lisa and Walter Seil In memory of our parents $500.00
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