2022 Donors



Amount Donated

Abraham W. Davis   75.00
Mary Wynn   25.00
Colleen Collins Paying it forward 1000.00
Joyce Schneider Happy Holidays 100.00
Chris Brenner In memory of Dan O'Shea 50.00
Ken Eckerle In memory of Suzi Eckerle 100.00
Patricia Erber In memory of Carl Erber, Joseph, Barbara
and Christine Rychlik
Nancy Cullen In memory of Julius Cullen, Helen Gibson,
Mary and Charles Duley
Anonymous   100.00
Helen Rosseland   100.00
James and Tina Martz In memory of Jame E and Betty Martz and John Martz 200.00
Joyce Dever In memory of Daniel J. Dever, Jack Marge John
and Wayne Sweetwood
Ken and Chris Smith In memory of Pamela Ebert 300.00
Gagewood Lions Club   100.00
Tim, Ellen, Kate and Nick Mauer   100.00

John Wixom

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Furniss In memory of our parents 50.00
The Hollingsworth Family In memory of Dennis Hollingsworth.
We miss and love you Gramps
Frances L. Ochoa In memory of my son Richard 100.00
Gurnee Donuts Breakfast Club   392.00
Dave and Madelon Zenner For the ones who need it 100.00
Jim and Ann Darrow In memory of Arch and Josephine Darrow 100.00
James Kutzler   100.00
Joyce Churchill In memory of my parents Joe and Irma Antolik 250.00
Jan Boettle and Family In memory of Husband, Father and Grandfather Ziggy 200.00
Mo, Joan, Bev and Betty J. In memory of Betty Seppala your forever friends,
Mo, Joan, Bev and Betty J.
Marlene Zens In memory of Anthony Zens 500.00
Betty Bala   100.00
Anonymous   100.00
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