2017 Donors



Amount Donated

Joyce C. Dever In memory of son Danny; father and mother Jack and Margaret; brothers , John and Wayne Sweetwood 100.00
Stephanie Cunningham In memory of Leo "Toby" Brown, Arlene Fulford Larrea and Debbie Neville Thomas 75.00
Emblem Chapter No 140 Order of the Eastern Star In memory of our deceased members 25.00
Joan Pecina In memory of Dick Pecina and Roberta Pecina 50.00
Drs. Dandino and Williams In memory of Dr. Leo Janks and Dr. Edward Sarsha 100.00
Lawrence L. Lingen In memory of Helen M. Lingen 100.00
Jane Asperheim   50.00
Anonymous   2000.00
Bill, Brenda, Bill, Jason Patrick and Brittany Rygiel Merry Christmas and God's blessings to our family and friends. In loving memory of our dear father and grandfather John Rygiel Sr. and our dear brother and uncle John Rygiel Jr.
We miss you both
Kevin and Marsha In memory of Preston Gartley 70.15
Frances Ochoa In memory of Susie, Charlotte and JoAnn 75.00
Frances Ochoa In memory of Smokey, Reina, Skipper and Big Dog 100.00
Anonymous   25.00
Kay Griesbach   100.00
Anonymous   20.00
Dolores R Faltynek In memory of Robert S. Faltynek 25.00
Chris Brenner In memory of Dan O'Shea 50.00
Marney Bryden   10.00
Dolores Kennedy In memory of the Jordan Family 2000.00
The Rubich Family In memory of John Rubich 200.00
Alan Anderson In memory of Judy, Gert, Andy, Anderson and Mary Nelson 200.00
Henry L. Minter In memory of my wife Willa R. Minter 100.00
Doris Devore In honor of my husband Dr. Gehl Devore who celebrated his 101 birthday on the 4th of December 25.00
Penny Miller and Richard Hershman In memory of Roman and Cresy Miller and John and Bea Hershman 100.00
Bea Ahart In memory and honor of those who serve 50.00
Helen Clark In memory of parents S. and L. Harju 50.00
Thomas and Jacqueline McGuinness In memory of our grandson James 100.00
Patricia Erber In memory of Carl Erber, Joseph, Barbara and Christine Rychlik 200.00
The Gerald Cassidys In memory of our parents, Stosh, Nell, Joe R. and Joe C. 50.00
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