2023 Donors



Amount Donated

 Norman Wideburg   365.00
 Rick Roberts Family In loving memory of Heather Brandimore  100.00 
 Christopher Brenner In memory of Dan O'Shea   50.00
 Susan Murphey    100.00
 Rich Ribando In memory of Freeman Hwa-shu Long News-Sun reporter  50.00
 Sally Rodgers In memory of Don Rodgers  25.00
 K Eckerle In memory of my wife Suzi Eckerle   100.00
 Ethel Tsausis In memory of loved ones   200.00
 Carol Kytasaari and Family Thank you for keeping hope alive   300.00
 Anonymous   2000.00 
 Patricia K. Hogan In tribute to Rich R. and Rosemary A.   500.00
 Jim and Ann Darrow In memory of Arch and Josephine Darrow  100.00 
 Mike and Pam Hampson In memory of our parents and siblings.
In Celebration of our Children anGrandchildren  
 Marilyn and Dominic Turchi In honor of all those who have worked on this project
for so many years 
Anonymous    100.00
Anonymous    25.00
Anonymous  "Friends of Bill W."  50.00 
Waukegan Tops 0534   100.00 
Retired Letter Carriers Branch 825    367.00 
Donna A Ramsey In memory of Bill D. Ramsey and News-Sun colleagues 200.00 
 James and June Maguire In memory of parents  100.00 
Bill and Cindy Valerugo In memory of Dom and Sis Valerugo   50.00
Dave and Karen Hiner In memory of Sam and Iva Hiner, Ed and Fran Hiner,
Bob and Flor Phillips 
 Jeannette Haines In memory of my husband, Dr. Troy Haines   100.00
 Steve and Donna Warneke In memory of loved ones   250.00
 Gurnee Donuts   100.00 
 Barbara J. Swanson In honor of all the News-Sun employees who dedicated their time and resources to Help Them to Hope 1000.00 
 Gurnee Donuts Breakfast Club   435.00 
 James M Martz Merry Christmas and Happy New Year   100.00
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