2017 Donors



Amount Donated

Jan Knobbe In memory of Joe Knobbe 100.00
Denise Biarnesen In memory of Ken Biarnesen 100.00
Denise Biarnesen In memory of Bob Deason 100.00
Denise Biarnesen In memory of Bill Downie 100.00
Trinity United Lutheran Church Nov & Dec 2016 loose change collection 471.98
WTHS Class of 1956   1200.00
Anonymous   100.00
Forever Young Gals ZB Class of 1953   90.00
Trinity United Lutheran Church 2016 year end loose change 10.00
Waukegan Park District Staff   625.00
Tom and Carol Cameron In memory of a super friend Francisco
'Frank' "Paco" (America is my country) Ortigosa
Tom and Carol Cameron In memory of Ryan C. Koski Selenak Susman 100.00
Ruth E. Clement   20.00
Waukegan Park District Staff   50.00
Carl and Sheryll Henderson   500.00
Dominic and Marilyn Turchi In memory of family and friends 200.00
Anonymous   80.00
Abraham W. Davis   25.00
Lisa and Walter Seil In memory of our parents 500.00
Elaine Teltz In memory of Fred and Fred Jr. 100.00
Carol Awe   100.00
Patrick and Linda Small In memory of Barney and Irene Wilson 100.00
Pat Schmidt   10.00
Norman and Joy Wideburg   365.00
Rodolfo and Arlynn Joaquin Merry Christmas! 100.00
Chris Raspante In memory of Ramon Raspante 100.00
Helen Rosseland   25.00
Colleen M. Collins   1000.00
Richard Ribando In memory of Fred Woldt, a former News Sun Editor 25.00
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