Help Them To Hope Embarks on 57th Annual Campaign

The 57th annual Help Them To Hope campaign is in full swing collecting funds to assist our most needy Lake County, IL neighbors.  As each year passes the Hope founders have sought to bring comfort to those neighbors experiencing tough times in their lives.

Help Them To Hope has provided support to local agencies that assist Lake County residents with the most basic needs such a food, shelter, clothing, and opportunities for youth to grow into responsible citizens.

We see the needs of people all over the world and wonder just how does any one person make a difference?  It is Help Them To Hope that points the way in Lake County with its efforts to provide hope to Lake County residents during the holiday season.

HTTH has no history of door-to-door solicitation of funds. It has no history of expenses to maintain the non-profit corporation.

Supporters such as the Lake County News-Sun, NorStates Bank and the volunteer board members pick up all the HTTH expenses. There is no CEO, CFO or any other corporate officer that receives one penny of the Help Them To Hope Funds. All the monies collected are earmarked for the year’s selected recipients.

This year is no different from recent years. We have lost in passing former News-Sun employees who have participated in this endeavor as supporters. And it is these generous people that we remember and honor for their loyalty to a cause that has provided more that $2 million over the years to Lake County residents. This past year we lost such people as Dick Tuschscherer, May Lockhart, Beatrice Martinez, Ron Gorrill and Hank Bogdala, all believers in paying it forward.

Have we eliminated hunger, poverty, misfortune? It remains to be a question for someone else to answer.

What Help Them To Hope has done can be answered by the agencies that are recipients of these funds that are so generously given by our Lake County neighbors that seek to mend the hearts and minds of the people around us that have fallen upon hard times.

The recipients of the 2015 HTTH campaign funds will be Mother’s Trust Foundation, Lake County Catholic Charities, Christian Outreach of Lutherans, Open Arms Mission, Beacon Place and Community Social Services. All these agencies provide a wide-range of services --- from food, shelter, clothing, and summer lunch programs for children, to counseling for children traumatized by domestic violence, assistance for the elderly and sponsorships for youth to participate in after-school activities all over Lake County.

Back to the question: “Have we eliminated all the misfortune of our Lake County Neighbors?”  Maybe not.

However, every person in and outside of Lake County that have made contributions to Help Them To Hope has done more than their part to alleviate the misfortune of those around us

So many of our contributors make contributions in memory of loved ones that are no longer with us.  It is comforting to remember those that have loved us so dearly, especially during the holiday season.  They continue to live on when they are remembered in our giving.

Won’t you please remember Help Them To hope in your holiday giving this year.

Richard A. Ribando
Help Them to Hope, Inc

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