Only One Rule, “The Golden Rule”

I know of no one who has not been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 in one way or another.

Those businesses that could not have possibly thought they would be mandated to close were dealt the worst possible blow to their livelihoods. People in nursing homes, grandmas and grandpas --- if lucky enough to keep well --- have been quarantined from family and friends. Hospital staffs and first responders have been effected.

Most concerning has been a divided country that in the past has prided itself as being the most blessed nation on earth, made so by the countless contributions by Americans. We just might look back at 2020 as if someone has hit the reset button of our lives. 

Many people in all walks of life have been effected: Relatives lost, jobs lost, schools closed, churches closed. While we deal with all this --- for most of us for the first time --- it causes us to pause.

Now we can look at the plight of our neighbors that were suffering before the pandemic hit. For many of us, now we know what it is like to worry about how to feed our family, pay our bills, keep our homes. We ask ourselves what else could go wrong?

As we prepare for the annual Help Them To Hope campaign, more than ever we see misfortune all around us. What about the people that have been struggling all along? Maybe we see them, feel what they feel. For many of us, we are unable to fear the future because it takes as much energy as we can muster to deal with today. 

Help Them To Hope was started in 1959 by the pressmen at The News-Sun to help the less fortunate in Lake County. It has been there for 61 years to collect funds to help our neighbors.

Funds collected stay in Lake County to assist those in the greatest need in our own neighborhoods. The kids that go without food, shelter and clothing need Help Them To Hope.

We now know what it is like to be in panic mode. The Hope campaign will begin Thanksgiving Day and will continue until Jan. 6, 2021. It is going to be a tough year to ask people for money to help those less fortunate.

This year maybe the reset button has been hit. We all have become less fortunate. So what do we do now?

May I suggest we take a look at the Golden Rule and to do unto others as we would hope they would do unto us. Maybe we should adopt as a nation the military motto: “No one left behind”.

We are a nation of great compassion and generosity. We all have experienced a degree of misfortune this year. 

Let us be known as a county which picks up our friends and neighbors in need, and vow to leave no one left behind. Contributions to the Help Them To Hope campaign can be made by mailing a check to Help Them To Hope,
P.O. Box 364, Gurnee, IL 60031 or go to or

It may hurt to give, but it is worth it.

Richard A. Ribando,
Help Them to Hope 


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